What is Solar Farms of America?


Solar Farms of America is a South Carolina Corporation dedicated to advancing the integration of Solar Power into the mainstream of the American power grid.

We incorporate all phases of producing solar power into our one company. By placing a complete package in front of interested parties, we make the process easier and less expensive than it otherwise would be. We locate the property, determine that it fits the needs of a solar farm, do the engineering, planning and permitting. We calculate the output of the farm, arrange for the financing, locate investors to purchase the farm and receive the income. We are also in the process of starting to manufacture the PV panels and racks that we install on the farm.

Our farms are generally large (2 Megawatts or larger) and are connected to the power grid.  Sometimes we even locate the customers for the utility in order to help them justify the need for renewable energy.

If you are looking to develop or invest in a large solar project, contact us and partner with us in advancing solar power and help us green up America by “Powering America, Naturally!”